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Signs that you’re in need of a Plumber

Signs that you’re in need of a Plumber.

Some plumbing problems may look like an easy fix, but you end up waist deep in water. There are plumbing problems you can tackle on your own but as soon as they get out of hand or out of our comfort zone, we leave it to the professionals. There are a number of plumbing problems that could happen in your household for example, there is no water supply in your house so if you’re not receiving water from your sinks, showers, baths then this is one sign where you need a plumber that can resolve this critical plumbing problem. Here is a couple of signs and tips that you should be paying attention to. 

How to Check If your Pipes are Frozen?

1. There is no running water or there is only a couple of drips, which in these cases mean that the pipe is leading to the tap that may be frozen.

2. If you can see frost on a visible pipe then there is a good chance that the pipe is frosted over, which is more difficult to check when the pipes aren’t in visible areas.

There is water running in my household but there is no hot water.

1. If there is no hot water, then this means that the tank is leaking. An empty tank is a serious problem so check the tanks compartment as there is a high chance that if there is no water in the compartment then it’s time for a replacement.

2. If your tank size it too small, your property is not going to be energy efficient and you’re going to run out of hot water faster so this means it’s time for a large hot water tank but when upgrading keep in mind that electric water heaters take longer than gas water heaters to heat up.

So, if a problem occurs and you are still worried and not sure what to do then so not stress just give one of our professional and highly qualified engineers a call here at Optical Facilities, we provide the best.

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