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How Portable Appliance Testing saves lives and money

Any business owner or employer has a duty of care to their employees, customers and workplace users, and through their duty are required to have a stringent health and safety policy in place. Many owners / employers look at health and safety as a burden and rather than implement its recommendations, look at ways to save money.

Often falling into the “don’t do it to save money” category is Portable Appliance Testing, yet done properly, this additional form of safety testing can save businesses money, time and potentially lives.

The process of PAT involves inspecting and testing all the electrical appliances on the site to ensure they function correctly and are safe to use. If not, general repairs are carried out or instructions are provided as the best course of action to take. As a last resort, an item may be failed; but if so, it’s in the best interest of potential users to take this out of service. Remember though, failing an appliance test is actually beneficial because once that appliance is taken away, it is no longer a threat; thus lives are being protected.

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