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Halloween Lights Safety Measures

Halloween Lights Safety Measures, every year Halloween decorations inside and outside of the home seem to be more elaborate. There are inflatable ghouls, decorations they light-up, lights, effects, and scary music all switched on at the same time. This is lots of fun but could be hiding a series of electrical hazards. This Halloween you can make sure that all the scares are fun and not dangerous by simply follow these simple safety steps.

Check your lights

Regardless if you have brought new lights or have just dug out the ones from the previous year, you should check them thoroughly to make sure the cables have no visible signs of damage. Look for signs of wear or tear, any exposed wires and cracked or broken lights, if you see any of these signs, either take them back to the shop or bin them.

Extension leads

We all use extension leads around the home for general use but, for lights and inflatable ghouls could increase the wattage that is going through the leads. Make sure all your extension leads are in good condition with no cracks or signs of wear and tear. They should be kept indoors and not exposed to potential water leaks or splashes. If your extension lead is trailing through where people walk, then make sure your tape the cable down to the floor to reduce trip hazards. You should take care not to overload your extension leads as this could overheat and be a potential fire hazard or cause constant tripping of your fuse board. If you’re unsure if your extension leads or any other electrical equipment is safe.


Having Halloween decorations up at this time of year can bring excitement to children. Do take your time to read through the instructions before putting them up and be sure you use them in accordance. This will help stop any potential fire hazards and electric shocks. Never use indoor lights or decorations outside.

Flammable Items

Most costumes and decorations used for Halloween can become a fire hazard. Take care to keep all flammable items away from sources of heat, also take care of decorations that contain batteries as these could also overheat. Keep your walkways well lit and ventilated to avoid any accidents. The last thing to do before bed is to make sure all decorations are unplugged, and any naked flames are extinguished.

Follow these tips to have a scary but fun Halloween.

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