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4 common heating problems that can occur during the Winter season

It’s cold outside! So that means switching on and turning up the heat in the house. Heating problems aren’t exactly the end of the world. However, they are a major inconvenience to those who want to stay in and cosy up during the long winter nights. Here are 4 common heating problems that can occur during the Winter season.

Heat Cycling and hot & cold spots in your radiator

If you notice your heating clicking on and off constantly, this is called heat cycling. This can occur from a clogged or dirty filter, or a faulty thermostat. Heat cycling lowers the heating efficiency and can push up your utility bills, and can put further pressure on your boiler. Bleeding your radiator can help ease part of the problem too. It releases trapped air that’s been building up pressure and allow hot water to circulate efficiently.

Carbon monoxide leaks

Carbon monoxide poses a major risk to all homeowners. It can go easily undetected by anyone and is odourless, colourless and tasteless – it is deadly in large amounts.  If your boiler is 10 to 15 years old, it might have tiny cracks in it that can be hard to detect. It also be worth getting it checked by a professional to avoid any serious problems. Whether your heater is old or new, installing a carbon monoxide detector is a vital home feature to detect any problems.

Inconsistent room temperatures

During the winter months, you want your whole house to have consistent heating throughout it. You don’t want to walk from one nicely heated room to a chilly one – it can be annoying. This could be a heating system malfunction in a particular area, it can still be a problem with your home.

You might want to check for any holes or open vents which could be letting the cold air in. These could be insulation problems due to leaky windows or drafty doors. Theses can be solved through weather stripping there parts of the house, so you stop losing heat in the home. However, if you have proper insulation and are still losing heat, it may be due to a dirty coil or filter in your system. Check your heating system and get it cleaned to solve this problem.

Lack of heat

This can be the final straw in major heating problems. There are many potential reasons why this can occur such as a broken diaphragm or faulty thermostat. This can affect all the heating around the house, as it is vital part of your home. A broken boiler is a major indication of central heating problems, and needs to be fixed as quickly as possible.

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