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Although we like to look at some of the more beautiful birds and may enjoy the songs they sing each morning, birds can actually cause many problems for your health and home and this is why bird proofing is extremely important. Birds that are nesting will seek out a proper spot for their nests as well as materials to use when building it.

This material may be mostly organic, but it can also include any loose pieces of your house that they can get a strong enough hold on. Some of the most common areas for them to create their nests are inside house gutters, drain pipes, vents, attics, or similarly enclosed places.

All these locations hinder the functions of your home and create unnecessary trouble for you. In addition to these issues, bird droppings are generally highly acidic. A buildup of droppings over time will affect the integrity of whatever material it collects on.

Health is another concern you should keep in mind. These same bird droppings and nests can be breeding grounds for many different diseases. Bacteria responsible for diseases such as viral Pneumonia, West Nile, and Salmonellae can be found in the waste of many species of birds, creating a huge health risk to those living in the house.


Whenever you are considering bird proofing your home, you want to find ways of doing this that will not cause permanent harm to the birds themselves. Although they are pests, they are also a necessary part of the local eco-system and should not be removed from it. Here are a few things you can do for yourself to help keep the birds out of your house:
• Bird Netting. Purchasing and installing mesh netting around areas that could potentially hold nests is a great way to safely remove the threat of nesting. Make sure you buy netting of an appropriate size for whichever birds you are trying to keep away. Cover your gutters, openings to your attic, air vents, etc. to seal off your home from unwanted animal visitors.
• Bird Spikes. Birds such as pigeons or doves like to perch around the area they nest in. To keep them from “loitering” on your house, you can place bird spikes around the edges of the structures they frequent, giving them no place to perch.
• Scaring. Easily frightened by sudden movement, birds can sometimes be shooed away with simple things like wind chimes, weather vanes, bird spiders, or any other objects that will move on their own in the wind. Unexpected movements startle birds, causing them to fly away and find a new place to perch. They also discourage nesting, as the animals will not consider the area safe.

Bird Proofing By Scottish Pest Control Services


Your best option is still to hire a professional. Companies like Scottish Pest Control have the expertise and resources to find a great solutions that does not cause harm to either you or the birds themselves. Bird proofing can be a frustrating job, because some methods just don’t work effectively against all types of birds. Here’s what you gain by enlisting the help of a professional service:

• Knowledge of the pests. Understanding the habits of the specific birds that are nesting in your home can lead to better solutions. Certain methods of pest control work best for specific types of birds, so it’s important to narrow down which options are more appropriate for your situation.

• Expertise and Experience. These professionals have seen a lot of pest problems on the job. Not only are they trained in how to handle animal pests, but they have successfully rid many other homes of the same nuisances you are now facing. You’ll see an end to your problems much faster and more effectively when you seek out a service that carries out bird proofing activities on a regular basis.

• Safe Solutions. Your home should be a safe place, free of obstacles or instalments that could hurt people or animals in the area. Professional pest control officers will have everyone’s safety in mind when they are considering the options for your home.


Bird proofing your home is a necessary task for those that want to keep their house in full working condition and avoid the health risks of housing wild birds. Doing the job yourself is possible, but you might find a better and more permanent solution by hiring a professional pest control service to assist you instead.

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