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Watch Out for These Summertime Plumbing Problems?

Watch Out for These Summertime Plumbing Problems?

Summer is finally coming so get ready to relax and enjoy the weather while it lasts, your plumbing can get a real work out in the hot weather. Your water systems will most likely experience problems but do not worry as our engineers here at Optical Facilities can fix any plumbing issue whether it’s a small or big plumbing problem. Just to help you out, here are some common plumbing problems and some advice on what you can do to prevent these issues from happening.

Sprinkler Problems-

Automatic sprinklers can show signs of wear and tear after a break from use, check your heads for damage and your hoses for small leaks as if there is a leak then it could be that you’ve been wasting water when you need it the most for summer. As most people don’t give their sprinklers enough credit, a lot of people often miss the signs that their sprinkler system is performing poorly or in some cases, flat out broken.

Blocked Toilet-

Everyone’s worst nightmare is a blocked toilet, especially when a blocked toilet is an unwanted situation that every household faces due to multiple reasons. A blocked toilet will normally unclog itself after some time if it doesn’t then try to use a toilet brush as it may not be as successful as a toilet plunger, but it can achieve a similar result. There is another way to unblock your toilet and that’s checking the valve, practically all toilets have a channel and valve connected with the tank towards the rear of the toilet, turn the valve off to keep the water from topping off your tank.

Washing Machine Overload-

Stick to small loads to avoid blockages that can lead to messy overflows, regularly check the hoses to and from your machine for leakages or kinks. Consider shifting your washing machine out from the wall to reduce the risk of overheating.

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