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Advantages to an underfloor heating system

Underfloor heating

Long gone are the days when underfloor heating was accessible only to the rich and famous. In today’s modern world, underfloor heating offers a stylish and cost-effective alternative for most homeowners. Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages of UFH…

1. It feels great! – There’ll be no more walking barefoot on cold tiles or wooden floors in the winter months. UFH makes your flooring warm underfoot, and a pleasure to walk on – whatever the time of year. Also, as the temperature radiates from floor to roof, you’ll feel a more ambient temperature all around.

2. It’s cheaper – UFH runs at a much lower temperature than your existing radiators, yet creates an even heat throughout the room, rather than being warmer close to the radiators. The lower temperature requires less energy, hence lower bills – and you won’t burn yourself!

3. It looks better – In most rooms, radiators and heaters are a bit of an eyesore, and they can interfere if you want to change the furniture in the room around – sometimes preventing you from having the layout you really desire. Up until now though, they’ve been a necessary evil – but not anymore. UFH means no radiators, just nice clean walls you can do what you want with.

4. It’s healthier – Radiators circulate stale air, whilst UFH allows continuous airflow, meaning the quality of air in the room is greatly improved. The ambient temperature also means less dust, and therefore fewer dust mites – so UFH is perfect for those allergy sufferers amongst us.

5. It’s safer – especially if you have young children. UFH provides a nice even heat for them, and a nice warm floor to crawl around on. There’ll be no hot and sharp-edged radiators for them to burn themselves on or walk into.

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