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5 Steps to keeping pests out of your home

1. Keep your food in a container and don’t leave it out

5 Steps to keeping pests out of your home – Some pests are low on energy during winters, but in your home with accessible food, they can very much become active. Bugs and other pests which are low on energy save their stored energy and if they get the food, they will be happy and will not go anywhere. Try to keep your food always in the container. Also, keep your sink filled with soapy water or don’t let the unwashed dishes stay like that, soak it. This will not let them have any feast.

2. Keep your trash covered

Trash is a breeding area for bugs and is a food source too. Seal your garbage and never leave it open. Also, avoid getting rocker lids because fruit fly can easily make its way from the cover.

3. Let your things stay clean always

Don’t let the spilt food stay there. Always clean your home and rugs properly. Any leftover piece on the carpet or anywhere will only invite bugs and pests from their hiding place to the living space.

4. Don’t let the water stay at any place

Stagnant water is a breeding spot for mosquitos and other pests. Never allow water to collect at any home in your living space. Also, these mosquitos can be a cause of new diseases.

5. Plan a visit from optical pest control

Although you have taken all the preventive steps still there are pests. You should always get pest control to sweep them off. And set your home towards a pest-free path.

So for further information please go to Optical Facilities or alternatively go to Optical Pest Control for all your best control needs or call us on 0800 4480505.

We hope you found our advice useful, please get in touch if you have any questions about preventing frozen pipes